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Top Truck Towing Companies

Repair & Tow

Mack & Buck’s Towing & Recovery

1016 Historic Homer Hwy, Homer, GA, 30547


Repair & Tow

A1 Winchester’s Towing & Repair

201 Big Run Rd, Lexington, KY, 40503

(859) 277-8888

Repair & Tow

I-55 Truck and Trailer, LLC

7468 I-55, Crawfordsville, AR, 72327

(870) 635-4003

Repair & Tow

Extreme Diesel

4406 Highway 77, Marion, Arkansas, 72364

(901) 619-2543

Repair & Tow

A-1 Recovery Inc

381 Roberts Rd, Oldsmar, FL, 34677


Fast Mobile Truck Repair

820 Livingston street unit #4, Tewksbury, MA, 01876

(978) 764-9791

Truck Towing

Truck Towing Service

A truck towing service helps drivers when they are far from the repair shop. These services are best for those who have to travel to remote areas or long distances. The best part is that professional truck towing services will offer much more than just towing. 

When is a Tow Service needed?

Truck towing services save you from distress and anger and help when you are stuck in the middle of the road with your unfunctional, damaged vehicle. This service involves a tow truck that takes your vehicle to your preferred mechanic shop. 

When you call an expert, they’ll bring their tow truck and attach your vehicle using some chains and other tools. This way, when they drive their truck, your vehicle will follow it. They complete the process carefully to avoid any further damages to your vehicle. 

Benefits of Truck Towing Services

The first advantage of using a truck towing service is that you can get help immediately after an accident. Since it is difficult to deal with the shock, you will need help from headstrong professionals. 

Additionally, you can get help at any time. You’ll get an immediate response, which saves you from standing alone in the middle of the road. The most important reason to opt for this service is that you will get a fair cost for transporting your damaged vehicle to its destination.

One Stop for all Types of Tow Truck Services

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A certified and trusted expert will have a solution to almost any problem with your truck. A truck towing service facilitates and helps drivers with minor to completely damaged vehicles. This way, you can focus on other matters and let them deal with the truck. 

Here are some important features involved in truck towing services.

1. Wheel Lift

A tow truck has a device attached to its rear part that experts use to lift the rear or front of your vehicle. This helps to pull your car and transport it to the mechanic’s shop. 

2. Flat Tire

Truck towing also comes to the rescue in the case of flat tires when you don’t have a spare. 

3. Battery Jump and Dead Battery

You may need to call an expert if your battery stops all of a sudden. Through truck towing, you can get your vehicle to your mechanic and fix your battery. 

4. Lockouts

Have you ever struggled with being locked out of your truck? Some cars get locked due to malfunctioning of the automatic locks. In that case, you might need to tow your vehicle to the shop. 

5. Out of Fuel

People who drive on motorways, highways, or remote areas need experts’ help if they run out of fuel. Since you can’t push your truck to a gas station, you will surely need a towing service. 

6. Roadside Assistance and Diagnosis

We have all experienced unexpected problems while driving. Sometimes it’s challenging to understand the cause. Contact a professional for roadside diagnosis and assistance. 

7. Short or Long Distance Towing

You can opt for towing services whether your destination is far or a few miles away. 

8. Vehicle Recovery and Accidents

An accident can damage your vehicle completely or simply affect a particular system of your truck. Truck towing experts can evaluate your vehicle after an accident and fix it on site. 

9. Equipment Hauling

Equipment hauling can help you to transport your vehicle carefully and securely to the repair shop.

10. Flatbeds

Depending on the vehicle’s size and level of damages, your vehicle may need a flatbed. These are a kind of truck with a flat body, offering space to accommodate the damaged vehicle. 

How to Find the Best Truck Towing Services 

You need truck towing services to deal with any vehicle problems and you need it now. However, look for a company that offers experienced, skilled, and certified professionals. This way, your vehicle will be in safe hands, and you will have peace of mind.

Besides that, consider a trucking company that offers you a wide range of services so that you don’t have to look for other mechanics to fix the remaining problems. Don’t wait for accidents and vehicle problems to contact an expert. Make sure you have the contact number of the best services in town so that you get help immediately when needed.

1. How to Choose a Truck Towing Service

When you are opting for truck towing service, you need to look for the following things:

2. Service Benefits

Does the company offer you guaranteed results at affordable prices? Do they have certified professionals?

3. Trusted and Certified Experts

When an expert is certified, you can expect to get the best repairs and maintenance. 

How to Find a Reliable Truck Towing Service Near You

Most people don’t think much before hiring truck towing services.  Later, they find it hard to find an affordable or experienced service provider or don’t get the results they expected. This is why you need to consider the following factors to make an informed decision. 

1. 24 Hour Truck Towing Services

Your vehicle can stop working at any time, whether it’s night or day. Therefore, you need someone ready to help at every hour. 

2. Low Price

Vehicle repair services can get expensive. So, look for affordable options near your location. 

3. Consistent High-Quality Service

You need to hire experts who can give you promising results every time you need repair or maintenance services for your vehicle. 

4. Open on Weekends

Your vehicle can stop working at any time and any day. You should look for professionals who offer their services on the weekend and even on holidays.

FAQs About Truck Towing

What is the price for towing a truck?

Most companies charge at least $50 for 5 to 20 miles towing and add $2 for each mile afterward.

How do companies charge for a Tow?

The rates can vary based on your vehicle type, distance, and time of the day.

How to find the best truck towing rates?

You can compare quotes from different companies by checking their rates and the services they offer.

What are long-distance Truck Towing costs?

It differs from company to company depending on the type of vehicle and damages. But you can expect to pay more than $50 for more than 20 miles.

How long does it take to tow a Truck?

The farther your destination, the longer it will take to tow your truck.

How does a Truck Towing Service Work?

An expert will come with a truck when you call them for help. They will check your vehicle and look for damages. The truck will have a mechanical or electrical device attached to its rear. The professionals will use this device to lift your vehicle by attaching it to the front part of your truck. Then, the truck will pull your vehicle and take it to your desired destination.

What's the Cheapest Way to Tow a Truck?

Some people also use car carriers instead of tow trucks, as it is a cheaper option. However, tow trucks are best for different types and sizes of vehicles.