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JG Repairs, LLC

315 W 20th St, Elk City, OK, 73644

(580) 225-9901

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Mack & Buck’s Towing & Recovery

1016 Historic Homer Hwy, Homer, GA, 30547


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A1 Winchester’s Towing & Repair

201 Big Run Rd, Lexington, KY, 40503

(859) 277-8888

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T & E Service Co Inc



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Derrells Garage and Equipment sales

8351 e amarillo blvd, Amarillo, TX, 79108

(806) 383-7979

Truck Repair

Truck Repair & Maintenance Services

Like all the other vehicles, trucks also need heavy-duty repairs and maintenance. They require mechanical repairs, equipment rehabilitation, fueling, painting, and lubrication to stay functional. For effective truck repair and maintenance, you need to rely on a truck repair service with the industry’s leading mechanics. They give a thorough look at each part of your vehicle, diagnose major truck problems, and use modern methods and technology to keep your truck running smoothly. Most importantly, experts help you avoid costly truck repair services down the line. 

The benefit of timely truck repairs is that you can prevent the risk of accidents and breakdowns while reducing maintenance costs. Besides that, you will also enjoy better fuel mileage, avoid future inconveniences, and boost your truck’s lifespan. 

One Stop for Commercial Truck Repair Service

BigRig411 helps truck drivers, owner-operators and commercial trucking fleets locate expert service providers nationwide quickly and easily.  Popular services include:

1. Battery Replacement 

Batteries can wear down after a few years of usage. That’s because your truck’s battery deteriorates each time you charge your vehicle. Ideally, you need to replace them every three years. 

2. Body and Component Installation and Modification 

Since your truck has to go through different conditions, like heavy rain, scorching heat, and muddy or damaged roads, its body and components can break, rust, or become old. In this case, opting for truck maintenance services can help you modify parts or replace them with new ones. 

3. Belt Replacement 

The drive belt is responsible for the rotation of the engine’s camshaft and crankshaft when the engine’s valves close or open to operate the vehicle. Note that damage to the belt can lead to complete engine failures. 

4. Alternators 

This part of the truck converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. If you do not repair it, alternators will not activate your truck’s electrical system, preventing the car from starting. 

5. Starters 

The starter motor allows the engine to turn over during ignition, allowing other truck parts to work. As you need the truck’s ignition to be operational, you need a sound starter motor. 

6. Replacing and Adjusting Tensioners and Pulleys 

Pulleys and tensioners in your truck connect every part of your vehicle. Not maintaining these can lead to costly repairs. 

7. “No Start” Diagnosis 

An experienced truck repair expert helps you identify the cause of no start. The most common reason for this is an issue in the crankshaft. However, it’s also possible that your vehicle might be experiencing some other problem. 

8. Re-Priming Units 

Your truck needs this to deal with air in the intake lines. You need to get it repaired to prevent vehicle failure. 

9. Electrical Problems on Tractor or Trailer 

Some wires and electrical components in trucks can lead to electrical problems, like fires and short circuits. 

10. Brakes Locking Up 

A range of factors can lead to your brakes locking up. These include defective ABS components and overheating braking systems. Of course, you can’t drive your vehicle with this problem. 

11. Replacing Brake Chambers 

This problem usually occurs due to negligence by your truck repairer. You need to replace brake chambers when they install chambers on the wrong axle bracket holes. 

12. Complete Brake Jobs 

Your truck may need a complete brake job if your brakes are damaged completely. For this purpose, experts repair several truck parts, including dressing the spindle. 

13. Airline System Problems 

Based on the condition of the airline system, you might also have to replace lines or glad-hands. Sometimes, experts also have to fix other truck parts to solve this problem. 

14. Air Governors 

They are responsible for regulating compressors in the air brake system so that the compressor doesn’t cause damage to the truck. 

Why Use Truck Repair & Maintenance Services?

Expert truck mechanics have the skills and experience to deal with just about any type of truck, including bucket trucks and cane trucks. They can fix and repair all truck-associated problems, from brake failures to electric wire malfunctions. 

Worried about how you’ll take your non-functional truck to get repaired? Well, you don’t need to. You can hire professionals who offer mobile truck repair services and visit your location to fix your truck. Just make sure that they are fully equipped to facilitate you and offer lasting results. Most importantly, opt for a service provider with trusted & certified experts who can guide you on the best practices to maintain your truck.

Get Commercial Truck Repair Expertise & Maintenance of Your Big Rig 

When your business involves the use of several heavy-duty trucks, it’s important to keep them in excellent condition for smooth business operation. Unfortunately, truck problems can lead to the inability to get new jobs or even delays on current deliveries. 

How to Find Reliable Truck Repair Shop Near You

To keep your truck in good condition and improve its lifespan, you need to choose experienced and skilled truck mechanics and truck repair professionals.  BigRig411 makes it easy. 

Here are some tips for choosing a truck repair service:

1. 24×7 Truck Repair Services 

Your truck can stop working at any time and anywhere, even on weekends. You can’t wait until morning or a Monday to get it repaired: you’ll be late in reaching your destination! Choosing a truck repair company that can help you at any time of the day is a time-saving solution. 

2. Low Price 

It’s obvious that you need experts who can fix your problem at affordable prices. You must look for ones offering high-quality services at a relatively low price compared to others. 

3. Consistent High-Quality Service

Generally, when you hire a professional, they provide exceptional quality in the first few repair or maintenance sessions. Once you become a regular client, you don’t get the quality you’re used to. This is why you should choose a company that is professional and consistent in providing quality services. 

FAQs About Truck Repair

How long does it take for a Truck to be repaired?

It depends on the problem your truck is facing. For instance, if your truck only requires simple maintenance, the work will take less than an hour. However, if the truck's brakes or engine fails, the expert may need several hours or more to diagnose and solve the problem.

What is the Cost of Truck Repair Services?

The average cost of roadside truck repair is $407. It varies depending on the truck repair services you have chosen. Parts and labor can vary by location, age, make and model of your commercial vehicle.

Who is the Best Truck Repair Service Provider?

We recommend finding a truck repair company with experience and a good reputation. Besides that, any experts who can offer long-term results and cost-effective solutions, as well as offer a warranty or guarantee would be preferred.

How Does a Truck Repair Service Work?

When you hire a professional, they examine your truck and look under the hood to see what may be the underlying issues. They will ask you a couple of questions and try to diagnose the problem. Once they identify the cause, they bring in the necessary equipment to resolve it.