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Repair & Tow

Mack & Buck’s Towing & Recovery

1016 Historic Homer Hwy, Homer, GA, 30547


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A-1 Recovery Inc

381 Roberts Rd, Oldsmar, FL, 34677


Edington’s Wrecker Service Inc

350 West Margaret Drive, Terre Haute, IN, 47802

(812) 240-9379

Chacon Towing and Roadside Service

7717 Broadway Blvd building A, Albuquerque, NM, 87105

(210) 896-1452

Diamond Towing


(757) 232-6322

Mack’s Towing Service

6108 Bluff Rd, Hopkins, SC, 29061

803 603 3799

Semi Truck Towing

Semi-Truck Towing Services

Almost 2 million semi-trucks are rolling in active duty across America, with 5.6 million semi-trailers of different lengths and shapes to go with them. Semi-trucks are filled with mechanical devices and parts from the front to the back, and sometimes those parts break. They may need a semi-tow truck to bring them to the nearest shop when this happens. 

These semi-trucks are not regular vehicles on the road. They are tens of thousands of pounds and require semi-tow trucks to haul them when they break down. Day or night, when you search for “semi truck towing near me” you’ll find semi-tow truck services that are available to meet the needs of the drivers who are on the road 24/7. 

When Semi Towing Service is Needed?

When a semi-truck breaks down, if the repairs are extensive and cannot get done on the side of the road or in a safe location, the driver will have to contact a semi-truck towing service. They will contact the dispatcher and have a semi-tow truck come out to the area, hook up the truck without damaging anything and haul it safely to the repair shop of their choice. Billing is taken care of through the company that owns the semi-truck. 

Benefits of Semi-Truck Towing Services

The number one benefit is that you will never stay stranded in the middle of nowhere. The semi-truck towing services will bring the truck anywhere, usually within a 50-mile radius. There are some situations where the truck may not need to be towed. The driver of the semi-tow truck is experienced and can take care of some semi roadside repairs almost immediately. 

One-Stop for All Types of Semi-Truck Towing Services

BigRig411 helps truck drivers, owner-operators and commercial trucking fleets locate expert service providers nationwide quickly and easily.  Anything can go wrong with a truck or trailer while en route to its final destination, even if the driver performed the perfect pre-trip inspection.

Below are the services a semi-truck towing company can offer:

  • Tractor -Trailer Towing: When the repairs are extensive and can not be done on location, the truck and trailer are towed to the nearest semi-truck and trailer repair shop. 
  • Bus & Motor Coach Towing: Buses and motor coaches are as big as a semi-truck and need the same towing services. 
  • Semi Truck Accident Towing Truck Accident Cleanup: When a semi-truck is involved in an accident, the towing service will tow the rig and work on the cleanup to make the road safe again. 
  • Semi Trailer Towing & Storage: If the damage is on board the trailer, the semi-truck can disconnect and let the towing service haul the trailer somewhere for storage and repair. 
  • Roadside assistance & diagnosis: When minor repairs are needed, a certified mechanic can repair the parts on the side of the road and diagnose the problem before they get to the repair shop.
  • Short or long distance towing (motorcycle, cars, boats): Most semi-truck towing services offer any distance, short or long, for motorcycles, cars, and trucks with boats and trailers because not everything can go on a regular tow truck. 
  • Flat Beds: Flatbeds are included in the towing service when they break down or get into an accident.

Get Semi-Truck Towing Services by Expert Companies

When your truck and trailer need towing, getting the best services for the time and money is essential. Most trucking businesses get a good deal on roadside service, so you want an experienced partner. Experienced, highly-rated companies mean the best customer service and repairs. 

5 Reasons to Use A Semi-Truck Towing Company

There are multiple reasons why you should use semi-truck towing services.  The top five reasons truck drivers do not have to worry about being stranded are listed below. 

  1. Service Benefits: When you need services like towing or roadside assistance which covers fuel, oil, fluids, water, lockouts, jump starts, or replacing parts, batteries, or tires, you are one significant step to getting the repairs needed to get back on the road.    
  2. Trusted & Certified Experts: You want people you can trust working on your truck or trailer, and certified experts can guarantee and warranty their services. 
  3. Get the Drivers to a Safe Location: Whether in an accident or breakdown, it can get nerve-wracking to get to a safe location, and the towing service is perfect for getting you there. 
  4. Service Always Available: The semi-trucks and trailers are constantly rolling, so the service is available 24/7 when you need it. 
  5. Roadside Repairs: Minor issues like battery problems, flat tires, or tire replacements, mechanics can fix the problem right there and have you back rolling in little time with no towing needed. 

How to Find a Reliable Semi-Truck Towing Service Near You?

The smartphone has a tracking device to pick up services nearby, so Googling “semi-truck towing services near me” is the fastest way to find help. 

Below are the top things that you are looking for when needing service.  

  1. 24 Hour Semi Truck Towing Services: Dispatchers are always available to take calls and dispatch tow trucks to your specific location. 
  2. Low Price: Choosing the top three and pricing them out can help when the bill comes due for service payment.  
  3. Consistent High-Quality Service: You want only the best working on your rig, so you do not have more problems further down the road. 
  4. Open on Weekends: This option goes along with the need for 24/7 service calls and weekends are no exception.

FAQs About Semi Truck Towing

How much do companies charge for a semi-truck tow?

On average, companies charge a minimum of $4 to $7 per mile.

How to find the best Semi-Truck Towing rates?

Choose the top three after Googling services near you, then call and find out if one is available.

Long-Distance Semi-truck Towing costs?

On average, companies charge a minimum of $4 to $7 per mile for long-distance towing.

How long does it take for a semi-truck towing?

Depending on the scenario, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to get a tow truck to your location, and they can hook everything up within 10 to 30 minutes.

How does a Semi-truck Towing Service work?

The driver in distress will call the dispatcher on call. The dispatcher will find the nearest tow truck available to the driver's location and send them out there. Roadside insurance may cover the bill, or any remaining balance is due upon receipt from the trucking company.