Semi Truck Repair

Top Semi Truck Repair Companies

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JG Repairs, LLC

315 W 20th St, Elk City, OK, 73644

(580) 225-9901

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Mack & Buck’s Towing & Recovery

1016 Historic Homer Hwy, Homer, GA, 30547


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A1 Winchester’s Towing & Repair

201 Big Run Rd, Lexington, KY, 40503

(859) 277-8888

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T & E Service Co Inc



Repair & Tow

Derrells Garage and Equipment sales

8351 e amarillo blvd, Amarillo, TX, 79108

(806) 383-7979

Semi Truck Repair

Semi Truck Repair & Trailer Maintenance

The trucking industry relies heavily on the trucks and trailers used to haul supplies locally and cross-country. Mobile truck services, mobile tire repairs, semi-truck repair, and mobile trailer repair services are available when the rigs are out and about 24/7.  

It is essential to have these services under the company’s belt because downtime means the truck and trailer are not making their potential income. Dispatchers handle the calls 24/7 to deliver the proper assistance, gather the information to determine the problem and then dispatch the appropriate repair service needed. 

The benefits of Mobile Truck Repair & Heavy Trailer Maintenance are simple. Wherever the semi breaks down, the service is available roadside and ASAP. The truck is ready to roll after the repairs are complete and minimal time is lost. Certified mechanics check everything through a maintenance checklist to ensure the driver reaches their destination with no problems. 

One Stop for Semi Truck Repair Services

BigRig411 helps truck drivers, owner-operators and commercial trucking fleets locate expert service providers nationwide quickly and easily.

These are the most major maintenance requirements offered by mobile repair and maintenance services:

1. Oil Changes: Motor oil keeps all the engine parts lubricated and needs to be changed often to keep the engine in check.

2. Wheel Alignments: All tires must be kept in alignment to save on fuel cost and further damages to the steering and tires.

3. DOT Inspections: These are the state inspections meant for safety from the Department of Transportation for all commercial vehicles.

4. AC Services: When it gets too hot outside, drivers need cool air to make the trips comfortable. Most services are adding freon.

5. Battery Replacement: Batteries are the nucleus of all electrical components and are needed to keep the truck running.

6. Alternator Replacement: The alternator keeps the battery charged, so it needs to stay in tip-top shape.

7. Suspension Maintenance: When the suspension needs maintenance, it can be a rough ride for the driver. 

8. Fuel and Oil Filter Replacements: Oil filters usually get replaced with oil changes. Fuel and oil filters block the harmful deposits from getting into the engine and fuel system.

9. Warranty Repairs: Any part or service under warranty will be taken care of at no cost.

10. Mobile Welding & Fabrication: All metal parts that break may need welding while on the go. 

Other services may require a tow truck to the nearest shop location, which also handles these types of repairs: 

11. Engine Repair: The engine is the life of the truck. Anything can happen in this area. 

12. Paint & Body Work: Minor damages to the paint or body of the semi can be repaired while on the go.

13. Collision Repair: Minor fender benders can be fixed on the go.

14. Brake Repair: A truck needs to go, but it also needs to stop. Mobile services can fix them with roadside service or shop repair.  

15. Lift Gate Repair: If the liftgate fails, items inside the trailer may not be taken off the truck. 

16. Landing Gear Repair: The landing gear is necessary when the driver needs to drop the trailer. Without it working correctly, it must stay on the truck.

17. Sensor Replacement: Sensors let the driver know when something on the truck is not working correctly. It sends a signal to the dashboard when components fail. The sensor itself can fail, triggering the dashboard lights.

18. Trailer Roof Repair: Some trailers have roofs that keep the cargo from getting damaged in the weather. All cracks need repairs. 

19. Trailer Floor Repair (Wood & Aluminum): The floor is what holds the load. If repairs are necessary, it needs to take place immediately.  

20. Trailer Wall Repair: Any cracks or collisions need repair to keep the cargo safe.

21. Roll Up Door Repair: Jammed or offset doors can be repaired quickly with mobile services.

Get Semi Truck Repair Expertise & Trailer Maintenance

Most breakdowns and maintenance expert service mobile teams are called out for brake services and repairs, battery and alternator replacements for the semi. Most of the problems are with the doors, lifts, and landing gears when it comes to the trailer. Extensive breakdowns or damages require the truck and /or trailer to be immediately sent to the repair shop. Service and maintenance are needed to keep the semi rig reliable. 

Why Use Semi Truck Repair & Trailer Maintenance Services?  

The service benefits and trusted, certified experts are the two biggest reasons to use semi-truck and trailer maintenance services. Certified experts keep fleets rolling 24/7 and are only a phone call with the benefits of roadside or drive-in. Experts can get the rig fixed efficiently and safely.

How to Find A Reliable Semi-Truck Mechanic Near You

A 24-hour Semi truck repair & trailer maintenance service is easy to find on your smartphone. Google “truck repair services near me” to find one that handles the service needed at the moment. When finding one for a low price, search the list on Google pulled up from the ones near you. Look up the numbers, and price them accordingly.

If you want one with consistent, high-quality service, check out the certifications on the company’s website and reviews on trusted sites like Yelp. Lastly, you want one that is open on weekends. Check the available hours of service on the company’s website.

FAQs About Semi Truck Repair

How to repair your semi-truck?

Try to see if you can locate the problem. Search the internet for videos that may help with minor repairs.

How does the semi-truck repair service work?

Call the listed number and give your location with all the information. A certified diesel mechanic will meet you and repair the problem. Bills are paid through credit card arrangements or billing invoices.

What are some popular services for semi truck repair?

The most popular services are oil changes, brake repair, tire repair, DOT Inspections, and trailer repairs.

How long does it take for a semi-truck to be repaired?

There is no set-in-stone answer because it depends on the problem. Minor issues like battery trouble can take 30-45 minutes. Tire repairs could take 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Engine or transmission problems could take a day or more.

What is the cost of semi-truck repairing services?

The national average cost of service is $407.00 but the cost will vary based on the services needed.

Who is the best semi-truck repair service provider?

The best semi-truck repair service provider will fix your vehicle quickly and for a reasonable price. Before hiring a company, check out BigRig411 and check their reviews online.