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Pepe’s Towing and Recovery Inc

674 Dundee Ave Unit C, Elgin, IL, 60120


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Adlers Towing Inc

630 E Walton Blvd, Pontiac, MI, 48340

(248) 335-9541

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Grand Lake Truck Repair

64527 E 290 Rd, grove, OK, 74344

(918) 791-0122

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Rocky Mountain Diesel

2834 santa cruz dr richlands vaock Springs, WY, 82901

(307) 350-0465

Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling Inc

8379 Harrison Pike, Cleves, Ohio, 45002


Repair & Tow

595 Repair Shop LLC

2705 Burris rd, Davie, FL, 33314


Sales – New & Used Parts

Used Truck & Trailer Parts

Used truck and trailer parts are second-hand parts that come from other rigs. The used semi-truck and trailer parts market is worth billions of dollars each year. This means there are no guidelines on who can sell used semi-truck and trailer parts or how to inspect them before being sold to consumers. It is a hit or miss in the industry but worth saving on the cost.

Salvage yards are the hotspots to purchase used truck and trailer parts. You can find a salvage yard by searching “used truck parts near me.” Many come with warranties of thirty days, give or take. Truck drivers do not have time to inspect every part they buy from a salvage yard because they need to get their rigs back onto the road as soon as possible. Many drivers will settle with buying whatever is available to get back out on the road quickly. Some drivers may have the knowledge and skill to install the parts, but a repair shop often handles the replacements. It is deemed quick and essential to go with used parts.

One-Stop for All Types of Used Truck & Trailer Parts

It can be tough to know where to look for used semi-truck and trailer parts which is why people look to BigRig411 to make the search easy.   Luckily, there’s a one-stop-shop in every major city that has everything you need, from engines and transmissions to tires and axles. So whether you’re repairing an existing truck or trailer on the go or rebuilding a new one from scratch, these one-stop places have everything needed to get the rig on the road. Listed below are some of the most sought out used parts:

  1. Used Motors: The motor is the heart and soul of the rig, and sometimes the motor needs replacement by taking one engine out of the same year, make, and model rig to replace the burned-out motor in the operating rig.
  2. Used Transmissions & Differentials: These parts work with the engine to keep the semi-truck rolling at the proper speeds through the gears, and when they fail, the truck will not move or haul properly.
  3. Used Engine Body Parts: There are different components like valves, valve covers, pistons, and other small pieces that are taken off used engines to repair damaged parts.
  4. Used Heavy Duty Truck Parts: Heavy-duty truck parts for semi-trucks are made for bigger and more durable diesel engines and transmissions, unlike other vehicles that are not constantly on the road.

5 Reasons Why to Use Used Trailer Parts

When it comes time to maintain or repair a semi-truck or trailer, there are many options out there for parts. But one option that is often overlooked is used truck and trailer parts.  Here are five reasons why companies should consider using them:

  • Used truck and trailer parts offer great service benefits like limited warranties on parts and labor and exchanges if you chose incorrect parts.
  • Trusted and certified experts have the knowledge necessary, so you are not left guessing.
  • Used truck and trailer parts can save you money versus new parts.
  • You are recycling old parts that are rotting and wasting away if not getting used.
  • Most of the used parts work as well and last as long as new parts.

How to Find Reliable Used Heavy Duty Truck Parts Near You?

If you’re in the market for quality used semi-truck and trailer parts, look no further than a directory of reliable local suppliers on Google or better yet look to BigRig411. They have compiled a comprehensive list of businesses that offer used truck and trailer parts at competitive prices, so you can find exactly what you need to get your rig back on the road. Plus, the easy-to-use search tool makes it easy to find suppliers near you with location detectors. It will help you find the following information:

  1. Trusted & Certified: You will find used parts and mechanic shops to put the parts on for you for a reasonable price.
  2. Low Price: It costs less for used parts, and they work as well as new parts if you can find them off of an old rig.
  3. Consistent High-Quality Service: Shop around for some of the nearest salvage yards that take the parts off the old rigs and work with you on the prices.
  4. Open on Weekends: Semi-trucks run 24/7, so find the salvage yards that are open on weekends if something breaks.

FAQs About Sales – New & Used Parts

How to find used Truck and Trailer Parts?

You can find used parts by looking online, on a salvage yard's website, or out of an online catalog.

Where can I find used Truck and Trailer Parts near me?

Use a smartphone that picks up your location and type in the search engine "used semi-truck and trailer parts near me." It will pick up your location and show all the nearest locations according to the radius you enter in the search.

Where can I buy used Truck and Trailer Parts?

You can buy used truck and trailer parts at a salvage yard. Some places will take the parts off the rig for you, while others, you may need a mechanic with tools to remove the parts.

What are the parts of a truck and trailer?

A truck has a cab at the front, which seats the driver. A trailer is attached to the back of the truck and can transport more goods. It has a diesel engine, transmission, trailer hookups, and brakes for both the truck and trailer. The electrical parts are computerized and run off of large batteries. Those are the basics, but hundreds of small parts have different tasks to perform to keep the rig rolling.

Where can I get used parts for a Semi-Truck and Trailer?

Shopping networks may already have parts off the rig and sold in parts houses. Salvage yards will have almost everything needed. They keep rigs that no longer are in service but still have good parts. Some may even be close to being new. Paperback catalogs and stores online will also have used and rebuilt parts and BigRig411 can help you find the best sources for used parts for a Semi-Truck or Trailer.