Roadside Service

Top Roadside Service Companies

Repair & Tow

Dallas Towing & Recovery

3603 s r l Thornton freeway, Dallas, TX, 75224

(224) 394-9160

Repair & Tow

Dallas European Auto LLC

605 Digital Dr, Plano, TX, 75075

(469) 226-4912

Repair & Tow

JZL Diesel & Trailer Fleet Services, LLC

10015 HWY US 41 South, Gibsonton, FL. 33534

(813) 593-6015

Repair & Tow

B&D Towing and Recovery LLC

157 Hodges Rd, Chocowinity, NC, 27817

(252) 623-1389

Repair & Tow

Best Rate Towing & Repair Inc

1380 Amsterdam Rd, Belgrade, MT, 59714


Repair & Tow

Interstate 1 Truck Repair

408E main st, Cabery, II, 60919


Roadside Service

Roadside Services

Roadside mechanics are experts at working on semi-trucks and trailers. They have the expertise to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix any problems while the truck is on the road. Roadside assistance and mobile mechanics are needed because trucks often break down while on the highway, and it is crucial to have someone who can come out and fix the problem as quickly as possible. This can help keep traffic flowing smoothly and avoid any significant delays.

When looking for a roadside mechanic, it’s easy to search for “mechanic near me” but it is essential to find someone who has experience with semi-trucks and trailers. They should identify and fix any problems affecting the truck quickly. It is also crucial to find a mechanic who is reliable and trustworthy.

Benefits of 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Services

Most people don’t think about roadside assistance until they need it. And then, it’s often too late. Roadside assistance services can help you in several ways, from getting your car towed to making a new key. Here are some of the benefits of roadside assistance:

  • Towing;
  • Locksmith services;
  • Fuel delivery;
  • Tire changes;
  • Battery jump starts;
  • Fixing minor mechanical problems.

One-Stop for All Type of Roadside Help

If you’re a truck driver or own a semi-truck, you know that roadside emergencies can happen at any time, which is why drivers turn to BigRig411. Flat tires, breakdowns, and running out of fuel can all leave you stranded on the side of the road. There are many types of roadside assistance services available, and you should search for a company that handles it all. That’s where roadside assistance services come in handy, along with these other services that many may not be aware of:

  • Maintenance Rinse: Sometimes, a rig may drive through some dusty areas and may only need a rinse off before it reaches its destination, and roadside assistance can help with this.
  • Maintenance Wash: A commercial vehicle always needs to look its best when pulling into their customer’s pick up and drop off points, and roadside services can help keep the truck looking clean.
  • Semi-Detail Wash: Semi-trucks go through sandy, muddy roads and other locations requiring semi-detail wash.
  • Detail Wash: Detail washes can make the truck immaculate inside and out for those who love to drive clean.
  • Wheel Wash: The rims and tires are among the toughest to keep clean, but this service can leave the tires and wheels shining.

Get Roadside Services by Experienced Companies

There are different roadside assistance service providers out there, but it’s essential to choose one with a good reputation and expertise servicing large commercial vehicles. Some of the best roadside assistance providers have partnerships that can save time and money. For example, if you need towing service, you might want to go with a provider that has a partnership with a reputable towing company.

5 Reasons to Use Roadside Assistance Services

If you are stuck on the side of the road with no help, that is the most significant reason to use roadside services because you are not making money sitting on the side of the road with a broken-down rig. Listed are five reasons you should use their services:

  1. The service benefits are there to get your rig back up and running again with the idea of knowing you do not have to stay out in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Using trusted, and certified experts leave you with the comfort of knowing your semi-truck and trailer are fixed and should not have the same issues down the road.
  3. Roadside assistance can help if your truck starts making unusual noises or smells burned out.
  4. Roadside assistance can help if your tires are punctured or flat.
  5. If your battery dies, a roadside assistance service can send someone to start your car for you with a booster battery.

How to Find Reliable Roadside Assistance Services Near You

To find reliable roadside assistance companies near you, visit your local Department of Transportation (DOT) online. Many DOTs have listings of businesses that offer roadside assistance and customer reviews. To make sure they’re trustworthy, read over each review carefully and see if there is any negative feedback. It would help to compare prices for different providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. In addition, check out potential companies online at websites like Google Maps or Yelp! These sites often list the most valuable information. Using the tracking on your smartphone will pick up the locations nearby. It can also help you find the following information:

  • 24 Hour roadside assistance Services: When choosing a roadside service company, you need one that can get you the help you require 24 hours a day.
  • Low Price: Find a company that has a low price or one currently in your membership plan to where you will have to pay little to nothing out of pocket.
  • Consistent High-Quality Service: Getting the best high-quality service is crucial to keep your truck and trailer in operating condition to reach your destinations safely.
  • Open on Weekends: Along with 24 hours a day, find a company that will have you covered on weekends because your rig seldom sees days off.

FAQs About Roadside Service

What is Roadside Assistance?

When a vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, mobile service technicians will come out to repair your rig or tow it to the nearest repair shop of the driver's choice.

How can I get Free Roadside Assistance?

Check out the membership plans or your insurance company that leave you paying no out-of-pocket cost at the time of service. The roadside service is not technically free because it is paid monthly or yearly.

Who is the best Roadside Assistance service provider?

The best service providers are those who operate nationwide or partner with others in different cities and states.

How does Roadside Assistance service work?

When there are issues with your semi-truck or trailer, you will need to call the hotline number or insurance company. Then they will dispatch a truck to your location. They can take it to a repair shop or repair it roadside.