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Mobile Truck Repair

Mobile Truck Repair & Heavy Trailer Maintenance

When you drive a big rig or heavy trailer truck of any kind, there is a range of mobile truck repair and heavy trailer maintenance services that you’ll need to take advantage of. These services are designed to account for your every need. 

Instead of having your heavy-duty truck towed to another location, which can be very expensive, mobile truck repair services can come to you. These services are designed to keep your truck or trailer in good working condition without requiring expensive repairs.

By regularly maintaining your truck, you can avoid costly repair work. These repair services include everything from tire repair to landing gear repair. When you request mobile truck repair services, you’ll find that the providers of these services come directly to you. 

Whether your truck is broken down on the side of the road or is still located at your facility, the vehicle that arrives at your location contains all of the parts and tools that are needed to get your truck on the road again. 

The primary benefit of these services is that they can be performed wherever they are required. Having your truck repaired quickly from where it’s located should also allow you to avoid significant downtime.

One Stop for Commercial Mobile Truck Repair Services

Whether your truck is malfunctioning or only requires some simple maintenance, mobile truck repair and maintenance services are designed to accommodate every need you might have. BigRig411 helps truck drivers, owner-operators and commercial trucking fleets locate expert service providers nationwide quickly and easily.

If you’re unsure of what type of service your truck requires to get up and running again, the company you contact can perform some quick diagnostics to identify the issue and determine how to fix the problem. Some of the many repair and maintenance services available to you from a mobile truck repair provider include:

1. Brake and hose repair 

Mobile truck repair companies can replace brake pads, resurface rotors, and replace brake components. Over time, all brakes become worn down even with proper maintenance, which is why these services may be needed. All brake hoses and radiator hoses can be repaired or replaced as needed.

2. Airbag maintenance 

A small hole, leak, or tear in a heavy-duty truck airbag can negatively affect the suspension system’s performance, which is why this service is essential to keep airbags in working order.

3. Liftgate and landing gear repair 

Landing gears and lift gates undergo wear and tear every time they are used. Mobile truck repair and maintenance companies can repair these issues at your location.

4. Suspension maintenance 

Your commercial truck should obtain suspension maintenance periodically to ensure that the truck continues to run smoothly and can avoid breakdowns. This service involves inspecting the brake system, belt, line, tires, and hoses.

5. Sensor, fuel filter, oil filter, alternator, and battery replacements 

These are some basic yet essential components in semi-trucks that occasionally need to be replaced due to malfunction or damage. Most mobile truck repair providers will have replacements on board.

6. Pull start service 

If your vehicle has broken down, pull start service involves starting the truck via its manual transmission while the truck is in motion.

7. Cooling system repair 

Coolant leaks are among the most common issues in semi-trucks that make it more likely for a truck to overheat. Mobile truck repair providers have the expertise needed to diagnose all cooling system issues and administer speedy repairs.

8. Trailer roof, wall, and floor repair 

During the course of making deliveries or transporting goods, the floors, walls, and roof of a trailer or semi-truck can become damaged. If the damage isn’t too severe, mobile truck repair companies can fix the issue at your location.

9. Roll-up door repair 

If the roll-up door on your semi-truck has become misaligned or damaged in any way, mobile truck repair providers will usually be able to diagnose the problem and provide the necessary repairs in two hours or less.

10. Mobile welding and fabrication 

There are times when damaged trucks or trailers require extensive repairs, which may involve welding and fabrication. The mobile welding and fabrication services available by mobile truck repair providers accommodate nearly any metal and alloy, which include stainless steel and aluminum.

Get Quality Mobile Truck Repair Expertise & Maintenance of Your Big Rig

Even the most well-built big rigs and trailer trucks will malfunction from time to time. When you select mobile truck repair and maintenance services, these services will be delivered to you with the help of expert partners. These partners provide companies with tools and equipment that are sourced from the most reputable brands around. 

Why Use A Mobile Truck Service?

Equipment failure can happen at any time and in any location. Mobile truck repair services can reduce downtime by providing these services at your location. 

Keep in mind that data from previous maintenance work is usually kept to better anticipate the future repair and maintenance needs that you might have.

Service Benefits

Whether you require a tire repair or cooling system repair, a mobile truck repair provider can deliver all of the necessary repairs without you needing to have your vehicle towed. Whether your truck is at a driver’s home or your facility, the repair, and maintenance process is simplified by coming directly to you.

Trusted & Certified Experts

When you need mobile truck repair and heavy trailer maintenance services, you are guaranteed to receive these services from trusted and certified experts. Most providers have the training and knowledge necessary to perform nearly any repair your truck would require, which will allow you to get back on the road in short order and at a reasonable cost.

How to Find Reliable 24 Hour Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair Services Near You

Finding the right mobile truck repair and maintenance provider in your area is as simple as searching for these services on Google or a similar search engine. Simply type in the phrase “mobile truck repair and maintenance services near me” to receive a list of relevant results that should point you in the right direction. When you contact a mobile truck repair company, make sure that you inquire about the services they provide and the prices you’ll be expected to pay. 

24-Hour Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair Services

Big rigs and semi-trailer trucks are on the road at every hour of the day, which is why repair and maintenance services can usually be requested 24/7.

Low Price

Mobile truck repair and maintenance providers don’t need to have an ample amount of equipment at a brick-and-mortar location, which allows them to keep costs down and provide the necessary repair and maintenance work at your specific location. Equipment and tools that can be transported will invariably be less expensive than ones that can’t. 

Consistent High-Quality Service

Search for a mobile truck repair and maintenance provider that has a sterling reputation and delivers consistent results. Online customer reviews can help you determine if a repair and maintenance company is reputable. 

Open on Weekends

Unlike most dealerships and independent repair shops, nearly all mobile truck repair and trailer maintenance providers are open on the weekends.

FAQs About Mobile Truck Repair

What are some popular services for commercial mobile truck repair?

Some of the most popular mobile truck repair and maintenance services include tire repair, brake repair, suspension maintenance, and battery replacement services.

How long does it take for a mobile truck to be repaired?

The exact amount of time it takes for a mobile truck repair to be made depends on the type of repair that's needed. Simple repairs and maintenance work can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to three hours. Extensive damage to your vehicle may require towing.

What is the cost of mobile truck repairing services?

Costs for mobile truck repairing services can be anywhere from $30-$90 per hour or more plus parts.

What is the best mobile truck repair service provider?

It's important to do research in order to determine what the best mobile truck repair service provider is. Online reviews should help you narrow your list and identify the best company for your money.

How does mobile truck repair service work?

When you request mobile truck repair services, these services will come to you. Repairs and preventive maintenance can be performed at a driver's home, an off-site lot, or a facility. If your big rig ever breaks down on the side of the road, mobile truck repair and maintenance companies can provide you with roadside assistance.