Heavy Duty Repairs

Heavy Duty Repairs

What is Heavy Duty Repair?

Heavy-duty repair is the repair of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles, sometimes called “heavy equipment.” 

Heavy equipment is a classification that the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) uses to classify any vehicle that is over 26,000 lbs. USDOT vehicle ratings are based on the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR). This classification system was designed for safety standards for operating vehicles.

Equipment and vehicles that are classified as heavy-duty include commercial tractor-trailers, refrigerated trucks, garbage trucks, farm equipment, transport trucks, construction vehicles, and equipment. 

The five equipment systems that comprise the heavy equipment category are traction, implement, power train, control, and structure. All of these heavy-duty vehicles require special driver’s licenses, hours of operation, weight limits, permits, and maintenance and repair service geared toward the type of vehicle.

When you search for “heavy duty truck repair near me,” you’ll find a variety of services. A heavy-duty repair service specializes in the repair of some or all heavy-duty equipment. When looking for a repair service, make sure to ask which type of vehicle they repair. Not all repair companies fix and have replacement parts for every vehicle.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Truck Repair Services

Using a heavy-duty repair service has several important benefits when fixing heavy-duty equipment. Many services offer in-house and on-location repairs in the field. It’s often easier for the repair technician to come to your location for maintenance or repair of your vehicle. 

Technicians are trained in servicing the type, weight, and manufacturer of your equipment and may carry the repair or replacement part needed in their maintenance truck. Additionally, your repair service technician is well-versed in the safety, upkeep, and compliance requirements.

One-Stop for All Heavy Duty Repair Services

Getting all of your repair and maintenance needs by one company will save you both time and money and BigRig411 has an easy to search database of the best heavy duty repair services. One service means that all of your repairs can be done at the same time, meaning fewer hours of downtime. 

You’ll spend less on gas driving to and from the heavy-duty repair service, and they have a history of your vehicle repairs, making it easier to diagnose any problem. 

Your repair service handles:

Truck RepairCommercial trucks transport needed food and supplies every day. Keeping these rigs running means routine repairs and regular maintenance are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Mobile Truck RepairRepairing your vehicle on location helps you stay on schedule for pickups and delivery to your end customers.

Truck Glass Repair – Repairing glass that is cracked or broken due to falling rocks or other debris can’t wait until you complete your trip. Optimal vision through your front window is critical.

Fleet Board Repair – Keeping your GPS and tracking software in top condition helps you meet your pickup and delivery schedule.

Tire RepairTires can leak air or get damaged on the road. Regular maintenance checks can reduce friction and accidents, improving vehicle efficiency.

Collision Repair – Knowing that your collision repair is handled by experts in your brand and model builds driver confidence and efficiency.

Engine Repair – Regular engine maintenance with an eye towards unique problems with your truck model will reduce costs and trouble due to engine breakdown when driving.

Get Expertise & Heavy Duty Maintenance of Your Big Rig

Working with brand-expert technicians for heavy-duty truck repairs will keep your rig running well. Routine maintenance checks prevent disasters while driving and keep the wear and tear of your vehicle within safety standards, so you can get on the road and focus on a smooth trip. 

Having expert partners to call on for truck repairs means you reduce downtime caused by problems on the road, and improve your travel efficiency.

How to Choose A Heavy Duty Repair Shop

Keeping your fleet running in excellent condition improves your bottom line. Costly truck repairs bite into your budget and slow down your delivery schedule. 

Your company benefits by using high-quality heavy-duty shop repair services with:

  • Training in your vehicle manufacturer
  • Rapid response repair call service
  • On-hand inventory of repair parts
  • Fast turnaround time for repairs
  • Trusted and certified experts

How to Find a Reliable Heavy Duty Maintenance Service Near You

When you search Google for a “reliable heavy-duty maintenance service near me,” you will find that flexible open hours and high-quality maintenance service gets high ratings. 

Look for a service that provides:

  1. Evening and Weekend Hours
  2. Competitive Low Price
  3. Certified High-Quality Service
  4. Repairs Completed on Time

FAQs About Heavy Duty Repairs

Where can I get suspension repair for a heavy-duty truck?

You’ll want to find a heavy-duty repair service that offers suspension repairs.

Where can I get heavy-duty truck repair information?

Any reputable company will be happy to discuss the options available to you concerning heavy-duty truck repair.

What is the cost of heavy-duty truck repair services?

The cost is based on the specific repairs and parts needed for your heavy-duty truck.

Who can repair my heavy-duty truck?

Any trusted heavy-duty repair service will have service techs ready and waiting to schedule your truck for repairs.